Virtual Finance Workshop

The Virtual Finance Workshop is an open online finance seminar. This Winter, we meet once a month on a Monday (LA 9:30am, NYC 12:30pm, LON 5:30pm) on Zoom for thematic mini-conferences that last 2 hours each.

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Spring Session: Coming Soon!

Check out our archive for past sessions.


  • The conferences are hosted on Zoom and last 2 hours.

  • Chat discussion with the coauthors of the paper is available during the talk.

  • Questions will be selected by a moderator and participants will have a chance to ask them live.

  • Abuse of the seminar will not be tolerated.


For feedback or suggestions, please contact us at


  • Mikhail Chernov (UCLA Anderson)

  • Maryam Farboodi (MIT Sloan)

  • Valentin Haddad (UCLA Anderson)

  • Lars Lochstoer (UCLA Anderson)

  • Erik Loualiche (University of Minnesota, Carlson)


  • We acknowledge the generous support of the University of Minnesota.